Avanomics was established in 1999 to provide independent advice to upstream oil and gas companies and to other businesses associated with oil and gas exploration and development (eg financial institutions) specifically in the area of opportunity commercial evaluation.


Opportunity evaluation covers a wide range of subjects, examples of which are given below:

Asset Valuations for Acquisition or Disposal

Bidding Terms & Values

Concession Agreement Negotiations

Tariff (eg pipeline) Determination

Economic Model Development or Audit

Project Sensitivity Analysis

Exploration Opportunity Evaluations

Fiscal Terms Advice

Project Economics

Acceleration Economics

Project Ranking Analysis

Decision Analysis

The vision is to provide clients with sufficient economic information to enable them to make the right commercial decisions.

Our Services


Avanomics personnel either work independently in our office in Hampshire (UK) or are assigned, on a short term basis, to work closely with clients in their offices in the UK or abroad or to accompany clients to assist in discussions/negotiations wherever they may take place. Avanomics has close contacts with other suitably experienced surface and subsurface personnel so that a complete integrated evaluation package (eg including full field development options) can also be provided if required.


Avanomics has extensive experience in providing and running economics courses. Courses can be tailored to cover just the basics, such as cash flow development and discounted cash flow concepts, or the full course including treatment of different fiscal systems, sensitivity and probability analysis and exploration economics. Computer modelling is integral to most courses.

Extensive Experience

Over 40 years in the upstream oil & gas business

Global Knowledge

 Avanomics consultants can provide sound practical commercial advice to clients based on evaluations of numerous unique opportunities worldwide. Opportunities have been evaluated in most of the major hydrocarbon provinces and include:

South & SE Asia

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand

Middle East

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Iran
  • Oman
  • Turkey
  • Yemen


  • Egypt
  • Gabon
  • Libya
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa

South America

  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela

C. Asia & Russia

  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Western Siberia
  • Sakhalin


  • UK
  • Netherlands

Opportunities evaluated ranged from the small marginal prospects and fields to the prolific giants of the Middle East, Russia and Central Asia.


We are always interested to explore consulting requirements, training requests or collaborations, large or small.

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